American Day in Katowice

American Day 2018 is over. The Regional Chamber of Commerce from Katowice invited to their headquarters business people, scientists and everyone interested in Polish-American relations to talk about American economic policy and support for SMEs while entering the US market. Our Association was an official partner of the event.

The special guest of American Day 2018 was Walter Braunohler, US Consul General in Krakow surrounded by representatives of the economic sections of the Consulate General in Krakow (Tom Zia) and the US Embassy in Warsaw (Charles R. Ranado).
The theme of the session was: „New US customs policy – Will America get closed to the world?”. The debate was attended by experts from RCC Katowice, AmCham Krakow & Katowice, USA-Polish Trade Council, and entrepreneurs who presented good practices and experience of cooperation between Polish and American companies.
An important point of the American Day 2018 was also the inauguration of the AmCham activities in Katowice. The opening was made by Jacek Drabik, head of AmCham Krakow & Katowice.
The plenary sessions ended up with lunch and a networking session for entrepreneurs and people interested in. It is extremely pleasing that the members of our Association participated in so many numbers in the event.
Acknowledgments for the organization of that great and valuable event belong to RCC Katowice and especially to Mr. Przemysław Grzywo for the professional conduct of the meeting. Thanks are also due to Mr. Marcin Krupa, Mayor of the City of Katowice, for taking over the event with his patronage.