Alumni Association

We are a group of alumni of various exchange programs financed by the US government. For many of us, the exchange stay in the United States was a breakthrough in our professional and personal lives. We feel united by this exceptional and prestigious experience.alumni_final_logo_home

We invite all those who were in the United States on an exchange or scholarship program funded by the US government, such as IVLP, Fulbright and others, to join us! Our purpose, modeled on the American alumni associations, is to establish new contacts, engage in social programs, and organize events gathering both Poles and Americans.

The Alumni Association was established in 2007. Its members include alumni of all exchange and student programs financed by the US government. The biggest and best known of these are the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and the Fulbright Program, but our members have also participated in many others.

The members of the Alumni Association represent a wide range of professions and fields, including the public sector, non-governmental sector, science, business, education, culture, media, and others.

Our Alumni Association aims to bring the nations of Poland and the United States closer together, propagate knowledge about the U.S., establish and maintain contacts between the alumni of the US state department exchange programs in Poland and in the whole world, and support the professional and personal development of our members. It enables members to establish new professional contacts through meeting with American experts and representatives of American administration, projects benefiting the local community, cultural events, workshops, seminars, conferences, and discussion meetings.

 There are already 880 of us. We invite you to join us!

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