Road Show in Katowice

For the third time, on March 14th 2017, a meeting took place as part of the Alumni Association Road Show project. This time the host city was Katowice. Together with the representatives of the U.S. Consulate in Cracow and the American Corner we met at the headquarters of American Corner, which is acting alongside the Library of the University of Silesia.

The large crowd of guests was greeted by the President of the Alumni Association, Rafal Pieprzyk, who briefly  introduced the Association and outlined the goals of the  Alumni Association Road Show.

Next, the participants were addressed by the following speakers:

Tom Zia, the U.S. Consul for political and economical affairs: Thoughts on how Polish businesses function versus American businesses. Similarities and differences.

Przemyslaw Grzywa, co-founder of and President 2017 European Confederation of Yound Entrepreneuers for YES for Europe: EU – US Young Entrepreneurs Summit Katowice 2015 – origins, process and results.

The speeches were followed by a discussion.

Upon the conclusion of the official part of the meeting Alumni moved to another American Corner hall to discuss the Association’s current affairs, matters crucial for Alumni from Silesia and Opole region, as well as to accept new membership declarations.

We finished the meeting late at night, in great spirits.