Anne Trylinska immigration lawyer, IVLP

In May 2016, I participated in the IVLP scholarship program on migration, with particular emphasis on resettlement of refugees.

I work as an immigration lawyer and am currently finishing my doctoral dissertation at the Poliswh Academy of Sciences (one of the chapters of which is devoted to the American refugee policy and the issue of resettlement). During my stay, I participated in meetings with representatives of the authorities and non-governmental organizations. It was an extremely valuable experience for me. First of all, I had the opportunity to learn how the US government carries out resettlement and what support refugees receive after arriving in a safe state. Meetings with NGO representatives showed me how much the American and Polish systems differ. Especially in the context of civil society and broadly understood charity. Support from local communities is worth following in Poland. The representatives who met the participants were specialists in their field and were happy to answer any questions. During the exchange, I made many great contacts, which I keep to this day also on my professional path. In the near future I plan to visit one of the families to which I had the pleasure to be invited for dinner again. Exchange is also exploring new places. To this day, I remember a visit to the largest mosque in the US or the world-famous oceanarium in Atlanta.

The IVLP scholarship is a professional exchange program aimed at acquiring new competences. It is also a great time, an opportunity to exchange experiences and meet new places and fascinating people. I remember that about a week after returning from the exchange, I conducted a meeting for US students on human rights and refugee protection in Warsaw. During the meeting, they were surprised that I so accurately compared the protection standards in both countries. Participation in IVLP broadened my perspective on the issues of resettlement and refugees.