Polish-Belarusian picnic in Warsaw

In a secluded spot, familiar to residents of one of the banks of the Vistula River capital, representatives of Polish and Belarusian American exchange programs met for a summer picnic on Saturday, June 29, 2024. The initiative was sponsored by American Councils Lithuania, bringing together the Belarusian refugee community. A dozen Warsaw Alumni with Vice President Dariusz Góra responded to the invitation and met with an equally large representation of Belarusians residing in Poland.

Gathered around a picnic table, hidden in the shade of trees from the heat of the sun and spy satellites, they spent pleasant moments, discovering each other’s diversity. Belarusians had a chance to learn about the experiences of, among others, a legend of the Polish jazz scene or an anti-trafficking activist honored in Washington. Polish guests, competing in a debate about their most favorite place in Warsaw, were able to discover Belarusian networks, from translators and tax advisors to caterers (who set up a picnic table) to scientists and artists trying to continue projects that were interrupted through no fault of their own.
Time passed quickly, there was no end to the conversations, and the need for similar exchange forums seems much important.

Thank you, American Councils, Да новых сустрэч, сябры-беларусы!