ambasadaThe U.S. Embassy has been supporting the Alumni Association since 2006 as part of a global U.S. State Department initiative encouraging diplomatic agencies to strengthen their relationships with alumni of exchange programs funded by the U.S. government. Around the world, there are nearly a million of such alumni, including circa four thousand in Poland. For the American diplomatic mission they present a highly valuable group whose knowledge, enthusiasm and energy diplomats strive to utilize for the purpose of supporting collective ideas and building a closer cooperation between nations.




The European Network of American Alumni Association (ENAM) brings together 53 organizations officially recognized by the U.S. Embassies and active in 42 European and Eurasian countries. ENAM is the largest regional alumni association, focused on coordinating national alumni organizations’ activities, promoting joint initiatives and advancing the collaboration of American alumni in Europe.




The Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission administers the Fulbright Program in Poland. It awards scientific scholarships to the USA for Poles, and to Poland for Americans. As a non-profit organization, the Commission operates on funds received in equal parts from the U.S. State Department and the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, based on a bilateral agreement.






American Corners is a partnership program between the U.S. Embassy and selected Polish public institutions, which in addition to its statutory activities conduct educational programs on U.S. centered topics. They have available American publications related to the USA and an Internet database eLibrary USA. Also, in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy they organize programs and events promoting American culture. Polish offices of American Corners are located in Gdansk, Katowice, Lublin, Lodz, Radom, Warsaw and Wroclaw.






Kondrat & Partners is one of the most dynamic Polish law firms. It takes part of the group of leading law firms in the field of intellectual property law, pharmaceutical law and life science. It gathers a team of more than 50 people, including patent attorneys, chemical doctors, legal counsels, attorneys and trainees, and supporting administrative employees.



We inspire improvement through interesting activities: thriving academic circles, meetings with interesting people, scholarly events, and sporting tournaments. We make it possible to travel abroad (Erasmus+, CEEPUS, scholarships in the USA), which expands your horizons, confronts you with other cultures, and brings you valuable experience. We do not confine ourselves to university walls – we actively comment current events and processes in media. We gladly popularize science in the opinion-making journals and broadcasts.



We operate as a think tank, we are a public benefit organization. We deal with foreign policy and the most important challenges in international relations. Our mission is to increase the understanding among Polish decision-makers of the processes taking place in Europe and around the world, and to popularize knowledge about Poland abroad. We conduct analytical, educational and advisory activities.





For many years, The Polonia Education Foundation has been committed to cultivating Polish tradition, history and culture by promoting Polish education abroad. Our priority is to make the school available to all Little Poles around the world. Thanks to modern technology, we can reach every child who wants to learn in Polish. The Foundation strives to make access to Polish education free for all children!







The Institute of Safety and Strategy Foundation is an innovative think tank specialized in conducting research on the problems of the functioning of key systems of the Polish state that determine its national security. It undertakes initiatives to support the process of building a strategic culture in the state and society, and to promote strategic thinking in the field of security and defense. It conducts research and educational activities aimed at developing and promoting proposals for comprehensive solutions to systemic problems in the strategic areas of the functioning of the Polish state.



The Kościuszko Foundation Alumni is an association of scholarship holders of the Kościuszko Foundation, the most prestigious Polish diaspora organization supporting and promoting scientific, intellectual and educational exchange between Poland and the United States.



The International Institute for Civil Society (MISO) is an independent and non-profit NGO (foundation), established in 2012 in Warsaw, whose motto is “Together we can do more”. The goal of MISO is to promote the idea of a civil society, promote civic attitudes and act to increase citizens’ involvement in the public and economic life of the country. As part of the statutory activities of MISO, the Analysis Center operates, which is an analytical and expert center established in 2017.





PAM Center is a specialized unit of the Department of Management at the University of Lodz, created for the purpose of executive education. In cooperation with American institutions of higher education, including R. H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, and College of Business at Minot State University, PAM Center offers:
* a Polish-American MBA program,
* a unique Mini MBA® program of managerial studies,
* open training programs, programs tailored to individual needs of enterprises, conferences and events.




The Polish Network of Women Entrepreneurship Ambassadors is a non-profit organization that continues in Poland the project launched in 2009 by the European Commission – the European Network of Women’s Entrepreneurship Ambassadors.

We promote women who successfully operate in various industries throughout the country and abroad, their companies are of various sizes, have different professional experience and can be an example and inspiration for others in accordance with the slogan: You can achieve success – be a model for others!




The US-Polish Trade Council seeks to be your information technology and bio-technology bridge for building business relationships between the U.S. and Poland. To accomplish this goal, the USPTC works in partnership with a network of Polish and American organizations, including corporate, academic and government entities.
USPTC PL is located in Katowice, Poland, but correspondingly, an American “sister organization” is USPTC USA.





SOWA LLC represents 25 years of experience in serving Polish and foreign companies, providing specialist translations in 70 languages as well as seminars and consulting services in the field of cross-cultural communication and corporate diplomacy. By supporting our clients’ business activities, we reduce the risk of non-compliance and contribute to establishing successful international relations and solving communication problems in accordance with the principles of economic diplomacy.





The Interim Managers Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 to promote the idea of Interim Management understood as temporary activity inside the organization, implemented by a natural person (interim manager), aimed at achieving specific business results. The areas of the Association’s activities include: promotion of the idea of Interim Management and market education, creation of IM project implementation standards, compliance with professional ethics, training, conferences, practices, research, publications and partnerships.






The Euro-Atlantic Association (SEA) was established in 1994. Its mission and goal is to participate in building a civil society by initiating public discussion and developing dialogue with institutions responsible for strengthening the Euro-Atlantic bond, security, defense and foreign policy of Poland; action to promote lasting Euro-Atlantic relations and the interests of Poland in the North Atlantic Alliance, the European Union and other security institutions of democratic European countries; educational activity aimed at disseminating knowledge about Poland’s foreign policy, especially in the field of international security.


WorldLINK Foundation is an educational organization from Krakow, which goal is to create a network of experienced teachers, professors and trainers from Europe, America and Asia. Our aim is to enable all students to access global education and thus develop a responsible approach and problem-solving skills through real action. At the same time, we place great emphasis on the development of soft skills and competences necessary today. Our working method is based on the four pillars of global competences defined by the Asia Society Global Education Center as the ability to explore the world, see opportunities, propose initiatives and take action. We make sure that students and teachers meet and work in a friendly and safe environment. We implement our original program, among others through international training exchanges, educational seminars and consultations.