Marta Migocka-Patrzałek, A unique opportunity to implement the project

Thanks to the Polish-American Fulbright Commission, I spent 9 months at the University of New York in Buffalo, as part of The Junior Fulbright Advanced Research Program. Fulbright scholarship, in addition to being a huge distinction, allows you to meet new, fascinating people, transfer positive experiences gained in the USA to your home country and visit new places.

My stay in the United States began with a long journey.

– Ladies and gentlemen, we’re just landing in Buffalo. Today, it’s not particularly snowing, so we don’t have to wait for the snow to clear up – says the pilot during descent before landing. It’s mid-August, so the passengers burst into laughter. Even in Buffalo, a city located almost on the border with Canada and famous for the snowy winters, it is full of summer. During my stay, I realized that despite the cold climate, the inhabitants of Buffalo are warm, smiling and welcoming.

My contact with the laboratory that issued the invitation began with an e-mail to Dr. Wilma A. Hofmann, whom I did not know personally. She is an authority in the field that I was dealing with at the time, namely motor proteins present in the cell nucleus. Dr. Hofmann was just creating a research team, so she willingly agreed to take a PhD student for a one-year internship. A small group of colleagues made me able to consult experienced scientists on a daily basis. It was a unique opportunity to learn a lot in a relatively short time. A year is a short period, but it allows you to get to know the scientific community and learn many new laboratory techniques. A well-prepared and thought-out research plan also creates an opportunity for the results to be used in the scientific publication. The Fulbright scholarship holder, apart from many other benefits, also gains in devoting his time almost exclusively to conducting research.

Fulbright scholarship is always a great adventure and an unforgettable experience, and often also a unique opportunity to implement your dream project.