The Fulbright Program


The Fulbright Program is the best known and most prestigious international exchange program in the world. It was initiated by American senator J. William Fulbright in 1946 for the purpose of strengthening peace and understanding between nations through scientific exchange between the United States and other countries. To date, 370,000 students and scholars from 160 countries have participated in the program. In Poland, the program has existed since 1959 thanks to joint financial efforts of the United States and Poland. Over 4,000 Poles have received a Fulbright scholarship since the launch of the program.

Why is a Fulbright scholarship worth applying for? Successful applicants receive a Fulbright scholarship for 4 to 9 months, which allows them to study or conduct research at American universities, known for their high quality academic staff, facilities and resources.

A Fulbright scholarship is a life changing experience, affecting both professional and private lives. Scholarship holders make contacts that last a lifetime and the experience gained in the United States helps them in their career in science.

The Fulbright program brand is synonymous with high prestige. Graduates of the program hold high posts in public administration, science, culture, non-governmental organizations, education and sports. Among them there are 54 Nobel Prize laureates, 82 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 33 persons who have held the highest public offices in their countries.