Rafał Ryplewicz, American Student’s Dream

Everyone is someone

In 2007-2012 I was a participant in the “Camp America” ​​program, organized by the American Institute for Foreign Study. It consisted of the possibility of a student’s holiday trip to the United States, taking a legal job, learning English, and finally traveling freely across the entire North American continent. When I flew for the first time I was 19. What did these trips give me? A lot. In addition to professional and diploma apprenticeships, I saw above all a completely different world. I met a society in which everyone is someone no matter where they come from. In the USA I became a different, better person.

If you don’t try, you’ll never find out

Before graduation, I remember myself as a withdrawn person, avoiding undertaking major challenges. I didn’t do much and knew at most the basics of English. On the advice “if you don’t try, you’ll never find out” I decided to leave and everything began to change. Gradually, I began to make my dreams come true. I finished my studies and started to use English more courageously. Now I am an active citizen and a qualified employee. I got my own flat and a car …with automatic transmission 🙂 I also took on difficult challenges, I became the youngest councilor in my hometown and ran two marathons. The implementation of these goals in my head has really begun in America.

“You’re welcome, Buddy”

In the USA I could also see many interesting places. I traveled thousands of miles, I came to the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Hoover Dam, Canada, Yosemite National Park, UN, Universal Studios, the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan and the White House. All these memories will stay in my memory forever. Thanking great American friends for everything they did for me, I have always heard the modest “You’re welcome, Buddy”.