Annual General Meeting

On June 22, 2024, the Annual General Meeting of the Alumni Association took place.

After a couple of years of conducting online deliberations, we returned to meet in the ‘real’. We met to summarize the activities of our Association in 2023. We did not give up on connecting online with people from outside Warsaw, so we had the opportunity to test, for the first time in the history of Alumni, conducting the meeting in hybrid form. And it worked !

We were given our hospitality by the Warsaw Center for Educational and Social Innovation and Training, which also assisted us technically in conducting the proceedings online. Thanks are due to our colleague Małgorzata Zasuńska.

This year we not only summed up 2023, but also elected a new member of our Board. Due to the fact that the previous member – Jolanta Niedzwiecka – had to resign from her position, we voted on a new candidate. After a successful election, Dominika Zakrzewska-Olędzka was appointed to the Board. Welcome aboard !

After the deliberations, some of the participants went to the nearby restaurant ‘Boruta’ to eat and talk some more: about the Association, about their experiences in the US and about their plans for the future. It was very tasty.

The 2024 General Assembly ended in a positive mood, but we are already inviting everyone to Warsaw for the 2025 General Assembly.