Embassy event for new graduates of Polish-American exchange programs

At the invitation of the American Embassy in Warsaw, representatives of the Alumni Association took part in a ceremonial breakfast with graduates of Polish-American exchange programs. The event was organized on September 25, 2023 in the ballroom of the Regent Warsaw Hotel. The gathered guests were welcomed by Brian George, the newly appointed Counselor for Public Affairs of the American Embassy, accompanied by the Cultural Attaché, Jeanne Briganti.

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Holiday Remnants Party

‘Holiday remnants’ or meetings of Alumni at the end of the holiday period. We met because we can and we want to, and any reason is good to talk, reminisce about holiday attractions and have fun together. Numerous Alumni met in Krakow, where we were hosted by the Kolanko no. 6 restaurant in the Kazimierz district and in Warsaw, where the celebration took place at the Soul Kitchen restaurant.

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American Debates 2.0

It was the second time that we had the opportunity to implement a project under the common title “American Debates“. We discussed contemporary America, and more specifically, international, military and economic policy pursued by the US government, or US relations with other countries, including Poland in particular. We invited specialists, scientists and journalists to the discussion, who shared their knowledge and opinions. All content can be viewed on our Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube channels.
The “American Debates” project was implemented thanks to the financial support of the US Embassy in Warsaw.

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“Profession” series continued

We continue the project under the common title: “Profession“.
Profession” is a series of interviews with members of the Alumni Association, whose professional life is related to a profession that cannot be pigeonholed into an 8-hour office day, requires a lot of commitment and own initiative, and is associated with far-reaching self-discipline. We will try to bring the listeners closer to the backstage of these professions, talk about their positive and negative aspects, show the changeability of the profession over the years, related to, for example, the development of modern technologies.

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“My American Experiences” series

We continue the series of interviews under the common title: “My American Experiences“.

As part of this project, we invite personalities of Polish public, social, economic, cultural and political life who were participants in the programs of the US Department of State (including the Fulbright Program, IVLP, Edward R. Murrow Program, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program and other). We will ask guests about their experiences in the US and the impact of these experiences on their public life, professional or scientific career.


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Xmas Party #2022


Despite technical difficulties and organizational inconveniences, we managed to organize Xmas Party 2022. We invited members, partners and friends of the Alumni Association, who met at the “Kompania Piwa” restaurant in Warsaw. There were also distinguished guests from the US Embassy in Poland and the Polish-American Fulbright Commission. Read More

Alumni Thanksgiving 2022


Members, partners and friends of the Alumni Association met in Krakow to celebrate one of the most important American feasts – “Thanksgiving”.

After two years of pandemic separation, we could meet to talk, recollect, but also make new friends in a family atmosphere. And all this with a home kitchen full of American flavors. Read More