On December 12, the Alumni celebrated the Xmas Party for the 9th time.
We were hosted by Avangarda Restaurant in Warsaw in beautiful interiors and at lavishly set tables. Many members of our Association came to the Xmas Party to meet, talk and have fun. Because traditionally, there was a Christmas counting game. It made sure that every participant left the event with a gift.

The honorary guest of the Xmas Party was the invaluable Marzena Polak from the US Embassy in Warsaw. It was on her initiative that a traditional lottery with prizes was held. And again, no one was left out because everyone won.

No one knows when three hours of wonderful family atmosphere have passed. Everyone left the Xmas Party in good mood and with hands full of gifts. Although there were also some of us who continued the fun during… an After Party.

In the photos you can see how the Alumni had fun.

Finally, I would like to thank two members of the Management Board: Dariusz Góra and Piotr Zimoch for great organization and arranging everything down to the last detail.