“Talking about the future” – a series of discussions on Facebook

Alumni Association has started a new project under the joint title “Talking about the future“. We want to include every interested person in the discussion about the future of Poland and Poles. But it is the members of the Association: scientists, teachers, specialists, social leaders, practitioners, administrators that discuss various spheres of modern life. Together, we reflect on the future of education, science, economy, business, the third sector, culture, international affairs, security, self-governance, 21st century society and more.
And all this is now available on Facebook, where we have opened a special and dedicated streaming channel:   www.facebook.com/StowarzyszenieAlumni/



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Meetings over a coffee

In time of epidemics, home quarantine and in response to your signals, I would like to invite you to … Meeting over a coffee.

The meeting over a coffee is a virtual meeting on the ZOOM platform. With a good coffee and a cake, we will be able to meet virtually and see who is a neighbor in my city or region.
The meeting over a coffee will take place every Saturday and Sunday at 12:00. Invitations will be addressed to Alumni from a given voivodship, which will allow our members to initiate acquaintances that may translate into specific projects after the epidemic.
Members of the Alumni Association are present in all 16 voivodships of Poland. And each meeting is for a different voivodship, which means that we will be meeting for the next 8 weeks.

More information and details about individual meetings can be found on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/239625633787701/) and on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/events/spotkanieprzykawie/).

Rafał Pieprzyk
President of the Alumni Association

Xmas Party 2019

On December 17, together with members of the British Alumni Society (BAS), we celebrated the traditional Xmas Party. We met in Warsaw for the seventh time to wish us all the best for Christmas time. The place that was hosting us was the British pub Legends. I am glad that Dan Hastings, cultural attache and Monika Rysiukiewicz, our guardian from the US Embassy in Warsaw, were there with us. Read More

4th Alumni Thanksgiving in Krakow

This year the calendar was playing a prank on us and Alumni celebrated American Thanksgiving during Polish Santa. This year’s Alumni Thanksgiving was a joint initiative of the Alumni Association and the University of Economics and Computer Science in Krakow. Courtesy of Dr. Stanisław Kowalski, Rector of WSEI, we profited from modern university rooms.

We celebrated together, i.e. not only members of the Association, but also our partners and friends from: the US Consulate in Krakow and the US Embassy in Warsaw, with Tammy Nobilski, Vice-Consul for Culture, and Emily Kosmaczewski, Vice-Consul for Economic Affairs, with Jacek Drabik, member of the board of American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, Polish and American Fulbrighters and many others. Read More

Meeting at the Embassy

On October 22 the representation of the authorities of our Association had the honor of meeting Dr. B. Bix Aliu, US Vice-Ambassador in Warswa, Poland. In addition to Mr. Ambassador, the American side was represented by: Dan Hastings, Embassy cultural attaché, and Monika Rysiukiewicz from the public affairs section, who looks after the Alumni. The Association was represented by members of the Board: Monika Piątkowska, Jan Gasparski and Rafał Pieprzyk, as well as Sławomir Kamiński from the Steering Committee. Read More



On October 16, 2019, the session Economic and social consequences of employing foreigners. Scenarios for the future took place. The session was part of the European Congress of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, organized for the tenth time in Katowice by the Regional Chamber of Commerce. Read More