Alumni integration trip to the Nida River, September 16-18, 2022

On September 16-18, 2022, members of our Association met for an integration trip. This time we came to the Świętokrzyskie region, and more specifically to the Nida basin.

During the whole stay, we were hosted by the agritourism farm “Sabat” in Imielno. It was our starting point throughout our stay and a place for shared meals, meetings and fun. The stay program was very rich. And it was taken care of by Wojciech Sołtysiak (IVLP, 2013) – member of the team “Life4Delta – restoration of the inland delta of the Nida River”.

It all started on Friday afternoon, when we met around a barbecue and campfire. With good food and various drinks, we spent time late at night, chatting long.

The real sightseeing started on Saturday. At the urging of Wojtek, we undertook a canoeing trip on the Nida River (approx. 4 hours). At the same time, some of the participants of the trip visited the horse stud in Michałów and the “Złota Wieś” vineyard. Then we had lunch together to continue our tour after a short break. We went to see Wiślica, more precisely: the Długosz House, the gothic collegiate church of the Kazimierz Wielki foundation and the wonderful Archaeological Museum (really worth a visit).
Saturday evening was devoted to the Association and its members, who told about their experiences from their stay in the USA and about the tasks and projects they are currently implementing. We listened to three Alumni: Daria Mejnartowicz, Małgorzata Polak and Wojciech Sołtysiak.

Sunday was not worse and it also offered interesting attractions. This time we went to Busko-Zdrój, where Wojtek talked about the history of this city, its spa advantages and showed the park, sanatorium and graduation tower. We also had the opportunity to listen to a short concert performed by Roman Bartun and his wife Yuliya. The last element of the integration trip was a visit to the Zagłoba Oil Mill, where we could participate in an oil squeezing show, learn about the history of oil production in these lands, try various types of oils and other regional products. Then there was a joint dinner with regional flavors. And that was the last touch of our stay in the Świętokrzyskie region.

The participants went to their homes with the hope of a meeting next year, during the next integration trip of the Alumni.