American Day 2022



After two years of the pandemic, the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice returned to the event of “American Day”. On September 14, entrepreneurs were invited to its headquarters in Katowice so as to learn about investment opportunities in the United States, engage in dialogue and open up to the cooperation of representatives of the SME sector from Poland and the USA. The event also promoted partner relations between the two countries.
During three plenary sessions, experts took up the following topics:
– Polish-American relations in the light of the challenges of the modern world (pandemic, war in Ukraine, climate crisis, inflation, deflation, stagnation);
– Silicon Valley and new technologies, are they the solution?;
– What about investments in the Polish and US markets?;
– A short guide for investors, or how to operate on the US market;
– Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – case study.

The Alumni Association, traditionally, was a patron of this cyclical event.