“Profession”, a series of interviews with Alumni

We are launching a new project under the common title: “Profession”.

“Profession” will be a series of interviews with members of the Alumni Association, whose professional life is related to a profession that cannot be pigeonholed in an 8-hour day of office work, requires a lot of commitment and initiative, and is associated with far-reaching self-discipline. We will try to familiarize our audience with the backstage of these professions, tell about their positive and negative aspects, show the variability of the profession over the years, related to, for example, the development of modern technologies.

The interviews will be conducted by Zbigniew Bartuś, journalist, reporter, columnist for Dziennik Polski and the media of Polska Press Group. Zbigniew is a member of the Alumni Association. He went to the USA as part of the IVLP (2000) program.

Profession – cook

The series opens with an interview with Grzegorz Łapanowski. Grzegorz started his career as a cook, and over time he became more involved in promoting good food and the idea of ​​healthy, good, natural, fresh and seasonal nutrition. Currently, he is an entrepreneur, founder and president of “Szkoła na widelcu” Foundation, owner of the Old Friends Kimchi brand, initiator of Gastro Garden and organizer of the Warsaw Culinary Festival. He is the author of many culinary books and television programs. He was a juror and chairman of the Polish edition of Top Chef. Grzegorz was also a scholarship holder of the US Department of State in 2013.


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Profession – local government officer

Artur Kozioł holds a PhD in social sciences (Jagiellonian University). He is a flesh and blood local government activist who began his adventure with local government in the 1990s as a councilor of the Wieliczka Town Council (1994-98). In 2002-2006, he worked for the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Since 2006, he has been Mayor of the City and Commune of Wieliczka. Artur participated in the IVLP program as a scholarship holder of the US State Department (2010).


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Zawód – broker ubezpieczeniowy

Elżbieta Wojciechowska-Lipka is a graduate of the Agricultural University of Szczecin and a doctor of agricultural sciences in the field of economics of animal production (SGGW). Her scientific interests focus on the issue of risk management in a farm. She was a co-founder of the insurance company Agropolisa securing the needs of the agricultural and food sector. She initiated the construction of an agricultural insurance system with state subsidies. For 20 years she has been running her own brokerage company “Agrobroker – insurance, consulting, training”. She has a rich collection of scientific and popular publications on agricultural and SME insurance. Elżbieta is a 2001 US State Department scholar.


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