Road Show in Cracow – November 27th 2017

On the last Monday of November we met once again for another part of an event series, the Road Show project. We gathered at the American Information Resource Center, operating under the U.S. Consulate in Cracow, to listen to Wojciech Blecharczyk, PhD and his lecture: Green and Smart Cities.

The lecture centered around the question: How do smart cities function and what their future should be? Read More

Fulbright Slavic Award

The Polish-American Fulbright Commission launched the process of accepting applications for the Fulbright Slavic Award.

The program is addressed to scholars doing scientific research or teaching at Polish universities or other scientific centers and who specialize in the field of culture and history of Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. Read More

Professor Neal Pease’s Lecture


As part of the Warsaw program Road Show the Alumni Association together with the American Embassy and the Department of Regional Strategic Studies at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University (UKSW) in Warsaw organized an open lecture of Professor Neal Pease, a historian from the Wisconsin-Milwaukee University and the editor in chief of The Polish Review, entitled: A Hundred Years of U.S.-Polish Relations. Read More