We have been awarded by the US-Polish Trade Council

The Alumni Association was awarded with the “Great Inspirations – Promotor of Polish-American Cooperation” award. The prize was awarded by the High Chapter of the Award in recognition of the enormous contribution of the Association and all its members in the promotion of Polish-American cooperation and the strengthening of relations between the two countries in both institutional and personal dimensions.

The “Great Inspirations – Promotor of Polish-American Cooperation” award has been granted since 2014 by the High Chapter to individuals, companies and institutions for contributing to the development and strengthening of contacts between the United States and Poland in four areas – economy, science, culture and politics. It contributes to the distinction and honoring of those who devote their efforts to developing economic cooperation, establishing and developing scientific and research cooperation, deepening the rapprochement between people and cultures of our countries and strengthening political relations between the two nations.

One of the first laureates of the Award were, among others:

1) Allen Greenberg – US Consul General in Poland in 2009-2011
for his help in creating the American Corner in Katowice and US-Poland Business Information Center at the Polish-American Cooperation Council, as well as effective building of perfect relations between the US diplomatic corps and representatives of the world of Polish politics, business, science and culture;

2) Prof. Lena Kolarska-Bobińska – Minister of Science and Higher Education and Ministry of Science and Higher Education
for the idea and implementation of the “Top 500 Innovators” project, which significantly contributes to improving the qualifications of Polish R&D staff in the field of cooperation with the economy, management of scientific research and commercialization of their results;

3) American Center of Culture and Information “American Corner Katowice”
for disseminating and better understanding of the US customs, history and culture of the United States of America among the inhabitants of Silesia, and thus to a closer approximation of people and cultures of our countries and to the strengthening of friendly relations between our nations;

4) Joseph Wancer – President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland
for the successful implementation of the mission of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland – “being the leading voice of foreign investors in Poland by representing both associated companies and the entire investor community, and demonstrating and emphasizing the positive role of economic environments in the development of the country and society.”