U.S. Independence Day in Warsaw

Exceptionally not on June 4, but on the next day the ambassador Paul W. Jones organized an annual celebration of the U.S. Independence Day in his Warsaw residence. During this year’s celebration, we said goodbye to the Ambassador and his Wife who finish their diplomatic mission in Poland. In his speech, Ambassador Jones assured that all his family fell in love with Poland and that taking up new duties does not mean saying goodbye to our beautiful country forever.

As every year it was noisy, elegant and pleasing. This time, the hosts more carefully than in previous years took care that the political representation of invited guests kept up with the pace of change in the host country. Many regular visitors were present, but we also saw some new characters, including pop singer Doda in a subdued, black dress with her husband Emil Stepien, sympathetic Dr. Marek Migalski – “martyr” of scientific procedures of habilitation, as well as Tomasz Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief of Gazeta Polska, whose solid dimensions seemed to obscure the absence of once-large group of adversary journalists from TVN network. The Polish military band took care of the musical side of the event in a virtuoso manner, followed by DJ Hirek Wrona for the time of refreshment. As every year, the ceremony ended with a fireworks display, beautifully illuminating the sky above the Mokotow district.

On Saturday, July 7, the U.S. Embassy together with the American Center Warsaw continued the festivities in the form of an open picnic organized in the center of the capital, at Father Jan Twardowski Square. An event full of surprises in music and sports attractions gathered over 8,000 guests. The artistic part was fantastically hosted by Nick Sinckler, an American from New Jersey who’s been living in Poland for 11 years.

In both events, members of our Association took part together with the Management who took care of the availability of promotional materials and a banner with our logo.