Integration trip to Jaroszowiec


28 people (Alumni with their families) came to Jaroszowiec near Olkusz (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) for the weekend of September 25-27, 2020. We were hosted by the “Leśny Zakątek” recreation center. During these days and in this place, an integration meeting of the members of the Alumni Association took place.

Traditionally, the integration began on Friday afternoon, when we met at a large grill to eat excellent grill dishes, drink a variety of drinks and meet for the first time among the “Alumni family”. The fun lasted until late at night.

On the second day, right after breakfast, we went to Pieskowa Skała and Ojców. Being under the care of the guide, we visited the castle in Pieskowa Skała (some people also visited the chambers and exhibitions in the castle), we saw the castle gardens and we looked closely at the rock called Herkules’s Mace. Then we went to the Ojców National Park, where the guide showed us Maiden and Bachelor Rocks, a spring of love and the Kraków Gate. We ended the whole trip with lunch at the Piwnica pod Nietoperzem restaurant.

Saturday afternoon was just as exciting. Participants had free time until dinner. Many people have used the swimming pool and sauna that are part of the recreation center. After dinner, we met to get to know each other better, mention our stay in the USA and talk about the Association and its future. The discussions continued until very late at night.

Sunday was the last day of the integration meeting, but no less exciting. Immediately after breakfast, we drove to the village of Klucze, where we left our cars. There we met the other guide. This time we were going to explore the Błędowska Desert – the largest desert in Europe. We learned about its origins, history, importance for the local community and today’s destiny, as well as the actions of local authorities to preserve this amazing corner of Poland. The trip ended with lunch, after which everyone went home.

Big thanks to Rafał Pieprzyk, president of the Alumni Association, for organizing this event.