An Insider’s View on Impeachment

On February 27 at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, a panel meeting was held: An Insider’s View on Impeachment.

Renowned American lawyers, Joshua Berman and Glen Donath, presented the most important political and legal aspects related to the impeachment procedure. It is worth noting that one of the guests, Glen Donath, represented President Bill Clinton during the impeachment proceedings against him, while Josh Berman dealt with the representation of individuals involved in the indictment procedure for the current US President, Donald Trump.
In the discussion on the part of the audience, issues such as the effectiveness of the impeachment procedure and its impact on the checks & balances mechanism aroused the greatest interest. The students participating in the discussion were also inspired by practical advice on an international legal career provided by the guests during the banquet.

The event was co-organized by Clifford Chance, the Student Research Group of the Human Rights Forum, the Common Law Society, and the European Law Research Group was a strategic partner.
The event was also under the patronage of the Alumni Association.

Link to the short video report: