Alumni’s stay in Krapkowice

For the second time this year, Alumni spent the weekend together. This time we went to the Opole region on 5,6,7 October 2018, to spend beautiful, sunny and time-rich attractions in Krapkowice. Among the participants we had a special guest, Mariusz Tomaka. He is president of the Polish-American Cooperation Council, which is a partner of our Association. During the whole stay we were enjoying the hospitalityof the Castle Mill, our headquarters for seminar, joint meals and fun.

The program was very rich. And it was taken care of by Dorota Michniewicz-Rybarz – a long-time director of the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism of the Opole Town Concil. She is a lover of the Opole region, its nature and monuments. It was by her instigation that we visited the Palace in Moszna (we visited the interiors of the palace, walked through the beautiful gardens and visited the zoo) and the Polish Song Museum in Opole (a must for every fan of Polish pop music).

We devoted one afternoon to the Association. During the meeting Dorota Michniewicz-Rybarz told us about the Opole region and showed a film promoting this wonderful province. Rafał Pieprzyk recalled the events of the Association’s life in 2018 and talked about plans for the future. Andrzej Kozina conducted an interesting lecture on the Machiavellian negotiations, and conducted a test on how much “Machiavellian” we are in our conduct. Finally, Mariusz Tomaka introduced us to the Cooperation Council and presented possible fields of teamwork for the future.

Our stay lasted almost three days. The atmosphere was great, the mood was great, and the weather was great for us, too. This joint time has passed too quickly and we cannot wait to returning for a next weekend in the Opole region.