Alumni integration trip 2023

September is an annual time when members of the Alumni Association meet for an integration trip. This time we were welcomed by Pomerania. On September 15-17, we came to Wieżyca, near Szymbark, to take advantage of the hospitality of the Kashubian People’s University (KUL).

The integration trip traditionally started with a bonfire and barbecue. There was plenty of good food, dry drinks and a lot of humor. In a great atmosphere and with long conversations between Poles, the Alumni spent the evening under the starry Pomeranian sky.

The second day was marked by the attractions of a given place. We had the opportunity to learn about the history and activities of the Catholic University of Lublin. Our group climbed the observation tower in Wieżyca, visited the Center for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark, and visited the Botanical Garden in Gołubień. Moving all day: going up, down, sightseeing, watching, getting to know each other, touching exhibits, recognizing and smelling plants, trees and bushes.

But an integration trip is also … integration of members of the Alumni Association. In the evening there was an Alumni meeting. We started by getting to know each other better, introducing ourselves and our American experiences. Then there was a “Machiavellian game”, and then… there was no end to the conversations and discussions (but let that remain in the memory of the participants themselves).

The last day of my stay at KUL was a day of art work. We had the opportunity to participate in handicraft workshops relating to Kashubian ritual practices. We learned to make flowers from paper, then immersed in heated wax. There was a lot of fun, laughter and colorful hands.