Meetings over a coffee

In time of epidemics, home quarantine and in response to your signals, I would like to invite you to … Meeting over a coffee.

The meeting over a coffee is a virtual meeting on the ZOOM platform. With a good coffee and a cake, we will be able to meet virtually and see who is a neighbor in my city or region.
The meeting over a coffee will take place every Saturday and Sunday at 12:00. Invitations will be addressed to Alumni from a given voivodship, which will allow our members to initiate acquaintances that may translate into specific projects after the epidemic.
Members of the Alumni Association are present in all 16 voivodships of Poland. And each meeting is for a different voivodship, which means that we will be meeting for the next 8 weeks.

More information and details about individual meetings can be found on Facebook ( and on LinkedIn (

Rafał Pieprzyk
President of the Alumni Association