Strategic Workshops of the Board


On the weekend of 24-25 July, the members of the Board met in Warsaw to participate in the workshops aiming for creating the future strategy of the Alumni Association. A strategy that is to answer not only the questions of what our Association is today, what tasks is to be carried out and in which direction to go, but also what benefits will its members get by engaging in the activities of our “Alumni family”.

The professional organization and conduct of the workshops is due to Board Member Anna Zaroda-Dąbrowska.

Board Member Agata Cieszewska showed us her hospitality by inviting to her Warsaw University of Life Sciences where she took care of us during our two-day workshop.

Many thanks to other Board Members: Ewa Całus, Dariusz Góra, Jan Gasparski, Dorota Michniewicz-Rybarz and Rafał Pieprzyk for their time and creative commitment.