Meetings over a coffee – a summary of 2020



2020 was a period when we were forced to abandon our live meetings and move them online. It was then that the idea of ​​”Meetings over a coffee” was born, which aroused great interest among members of the Alumni Association.

First, we met within each voivodeship. Then we got to know each other within a given voivodeship, region, city. It was fun to meet the Alumni from the neighborhood. Then we started to organize “Meetings over a coffee” for the newly recruited members of our association. We wanted to get to know them better and tell them about the activities of the association. We are glad that our “Alumni Family” is joined by such valuable people.

All on-line meetings enjoyed great interest. Let the collage below showing as many as 17 (!) coffee times together prove it.

This initiative will be continued as “Tea & coffee time meetings”.