American Independence Day in Cracow

At the invitation of the U.S. Ambassador in Poland, Mr. Paul Jones, Alumni had the opportunity to meet in Cracow to participate in the 241st anniversary of gaining independence by the United States. Once again Alumni from southern Poland met with Mr. Ambassador and Consul Mr. Walter Braunohler and expressed their gratitude for supporting the Association’s cause. Of course a group photo was a must. As you can see in the picture below more and more Alumni participate in this special commemoration.

It was official – hence the speeches of the Ambassador and Consul.

It was artistic – hence concerts performed by the army band and a Cracow-famous American jazzman Stan Breckenridge.

It was tasty – hence the excellent classics of American cuisine, beverages and wines from Californian vineyards.

It was explosive – hence the traditional firework show to close the celebrations.

It’s too bad we must wait an entire year for the next such amazing event.