Alumni for Ukraine

On March 22, an extraordinary meeting “Alumni for Ukraine” was held. During it, we talked about our experiences of the last days and weeks related to the war situation in Ukraine and the wave of refugees in Poland.

Members of the Alumni Association also shared their commitment to help refugees as well as projects and ideas aimed at helping them now and in the near future. In the coming days, I will present a brief summary of these initiatives and projects. During the meeting, we also touched upon the subject of the international situation related to the war in Ukraine, perceived from different perspectives and from different parts of the world.
A large group of Alumni attended the meeting at ZOOM. The fact that these were not only members of the Alumni Association living in Poland, but also from the United States, Switzerland and Kyrgyzstan are all the more pleasing.
The meeting “Alumni for Ukraine” lasted over 2 hours, and we still did not manage to discuss all the topics that touched us due to the tragic situation in Ukraine. As you can see, two hours is not enough to deal with such a difficult and complex topic. Nevertheless, it is also pleasing that most of us have become strongly involved in helping refugees from Ukraine.