“American Debates” – a series of discussions about contemporary America

We are launching a new project under the common title “American Debates”. We will discuss contemporary America, and more specifically the international, military and economic policy pursued by the US government, or the US’s relations with other countries, including Poland in particular. We will invite specialists, scientists and journalists to participate in the discussion and share their knowledge and opinions.

We invite you once a month at 6 p.m. by organizing a LIVE at:
– our fanpage on Facebook:   www.facebook.com/StowarzyszenieAlumni/
– our YouTube channel:   www.youtube.com/c/StowarzyszenieAlumni

The “American Debates” project is supported by the US Embassy in Warsaw.


#1: The Political Program of the Joe Biden Administration

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#2: Reset Europe. A New Transatlantic Opening of the White House

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#3: Biden’s Economic Policy

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#4: Does American Show Business Rule Our Imagination?

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#5: Claws of the Fourth Power – Investigative Journalism

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#6: Are Human Rights Dying?

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#7: Music of Freedom

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#8: Kamala Harris, the phenomemnon of new American politics

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#9: Quo vadis, America?

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#10: American Spirit

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#11: The First Year of Biden’s Presidency

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#12: The Future of Polish-American Relations

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