A goodbye breakfast of the US Consul General in Krakow

It’s been three years now. Three years that Walter Braunohler represents the USA in southern Poland as the Consul General. Three busy years of cooperation, help, openness and a great smile presented to all Alumni. Three years when he greeted us at the US Consulate in Krakow, in his residence and at various events, where Alumni were invited. And now this period is coming to an end. The term of the Consul General in Krakow ends up and by the end of June, Walter returns to Washington, D.C.

Therefore the Alumni Association decided to solemnly thank Walter for these years in common and invite him to the Sheraton Hotel for a farewell breakfast. We organized the event together with AmCham, Kraków & Katowice. It took place on May 17 this year.

During the farewell breakfast, Walter received a commemorative engraver from the Alumni, placed in a decorative pouch. And everything that happened during this ceremony can be seen in the pictures.

Walter, see you later! Because we believe that someday you will come back to Poland and Krakow.