Road Show in Cracow – November 27th 2017

On the last Monday of November we met once again for another part of an event series, the Road Show project. We gathered at the American Information Resource Center, operating under the U.S. Consulate in Cracow, to listen to Wojciech Blecharczyk, PhD and his lecture: Green and Smart Cities.

The lecture centered around the question: How do smart cities function and what their future should be?

Dr Wojciech Blecharczyk is a university academic lecturer in Cracow and Rzeszow. For years commited to the cause of environment protection, he served for a decade as the vice-president of the General Board of the League for Protecting Environment in Warsaw, he was the vice-president of the National Ecological Council, member of the Polish Olympic Committee and its Sport and Environment Commission, member of the local government for three terms, promoter and co-organizer of congresses and confederations related to ecodevelopment, renewable energy sources, green and smart city. Author of publications promoting ecological awareness.

During the meeting we have been honored by the attendance of Mrs Press and Culture Consul, Pam De Volder and the Association’s President, Rafal Pieprzyk. Among the participants were Alumni and guests from Cracow, Lesser Poland and neighbouring voivodeships.

After the conclusion of the official part of the meeting the Alumni moved on to Kurant Cafe, where in a friendly atmosphere they discussed, chatted and had fun over wine and other beverages.