“Profession” series continued

We continue the project under the common title: “Profession“.
Profession” is a series of interviews with members of the Alumni Association, whose professional life is related to a profession that cannot be pigeonholed into an 8-hour office day, requires a lot of commitment and own initiative, and is associated with far-reaching self-discipline. We will try to bring the listeners closer to the backstage of these professions, talk about their positive and negative aspects, show the changeability of the profession over the years, related to, for example, the development of modern technologies.

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“My American Experiences” series

We continue the series of interviews under the common title: “My American Experiences“.

As part of this project, we invite personalities of Polish public, social, economic, cultural and political life who were participants in the programs of the US Department of State (including the Fulbright Program, IVLP, Edward R. Murrow Program, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program and other). We will ask guests about their experiences in the US and the impact of these experiences on their public life, professional or scientific career.


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