General and Election Assembly

This year’s General Assembly of the Alumni Association has also been its electoral meeting. The Assembly took place in the center of Warsaw, in the seminar room of Kondrat and Partners Law Office, designed with great taste. The host of the place was Dr. Mariusz Kondrat, our Alumnus. Some of the Alumni who were unable to attend the meeting in person sent their powers of attorney to one of the people present.

The meeting members adopted the annual and financial report for 2018 and gave a discharge to the outgoing Board. The main point of the meeting was the selection of the new Management Board, which – as it was decided – would remain in the composition of 10 people. Mr. Rafał Pieprzyk, representing the Krakow’s Alumni milieu, will remain President of the Association for the new term. In his speech the President summed up last year’s achievements and outlined the priorities of the new Association’s Management Board. The most promising potential of the Association are its members, whose number and involvement is constantly growing. The Association organizes and participates in the organization of an increasing number of events and develops a solid brand in the public forum. The discussion during the meeting focused on the issue of the youngest candidates to the Association, including foreigners, and the opportunities to integrate them within the provisions of the current statute of the Association. Issues related to the collection of contributions and ways to improve the financial condition of the Association were also discussed. The discussants agreed that the statute shall be updated. Over the next year, the new Management will prepare a list of changes to the statute’s text to submit for voting during the next General Assembly of Members in 2020.

The participants listened with interest to the presentation of two young graduates of the FLEX program. A dignified and moving atmosphere accompanied the distinction of Dr. Franciszek Lyra, the oldest Polish Fulbright grantee (year of promotion 1959), who received a commemorative engraver from President Pieprzyk. A similar distinction was confered to Ms. Agnieszka Krzywosz from the American Studies Center, University of Warsaw, who looks after the affairs of the Association in its Warsaw headquarters with great commitment.

The new Management is composed of:

President – Rafał Pieprzyk;

Vice-Presidents – Agata Cieszewska, Jan Gasparski, Dariusz Góra-Szopiński, Grzegorz Kostka, Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska, Dorota Michniewicz-Rybarz, Monika Piątkowska, Joanna Węgrzycka and Anna Zagroda-Dąbrowska;

Steering Committee – Sławomir Kamiński, Jacek Nieckuła and Marcin Paprzycki;

Audit Committee – Krzysztof Cichocki, Aneta Pacek-Łopalewska and Małgorzata Zasuńska.